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The Story of PipeDreams Atlanta

PipeDreams Marietta -  is a new online store that will continually feature a variety of high-quality and affordable products for your enjoyment. Our pipes can be used for herbs or tobacco as may be your choice. They can be works of art or a novelty. They are made by me, one at a time and it's now time for me to share. I have made them for years for friends, but with the recent covid lock downs, I found new ways to amuse both myself and the wood I work with. 

These pipes feel good in your hand. There are many pipes that will soon be  listed that include inlays of abalone and Mother Of Pearl. Diverse combinations of African and South American hardwoods can delight the eye and the hand. My passion is for working with my hands, music, art and the drive to make things. 

Check out my store and special offers, and get in touch with questions or requests. It will take a while to list the hundred or more pipes I have ready for you and the hundreds more blanks that call to me. If you have ideas, sketch and send. 

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